To be quite honest, I am unsure as to when neon colors became the go-to color for tennis shoes and running apparel.  As far as I’m concerned, the tye-dye infused colored shirts were something of an era before I walked this earth.  When I first began running, I’m under the impression that the goal was to wear the smallest and most light-weight shoes and clothes sold.  It seems as though in the past year (maybe two years as I spent a year living in Guatemala), the trend has moved from subtle blacks and whites to vibrant oranges and greens.

For the longest time, I refused to buy in to the newest running accessories fad and maintained the straight and narrow with my white, black and grey shoes and shirts.  Go ahead and say it, I know it was pretty lame.  After running in several different shoes, I finally found a pair of kicks that fit me well and have found myself running in for quite some time now.  Making the decision to change shoe styles was not an issue.  The issue was in none other than – the color…

Highlighter green, neon green, green slime – the list goes on.  My new running shoes served as a personal safety reflector for everyone around me within a 10 foot radius.  How dare you see me running at 5:00 AM because there is nothing like seeing two green flashes moving in the dark (at all different speeds). shoes

With each passing day, I seem to be more comfortable than ever in my shoes, but I still can’t help but stare at the brightly colored clothing whenever I participate in a race or see others running around town.

Then it hit me.  You CAN’T not take notice of 1,000’s of neon shoes lined up at the start line of a race.  After much contemplation, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and there is a direct correlation to our own lives.

The moral is that if we want to be more than just ordinary, then we must take action and do things that make ourselves stand out from those around us.  We should want people to take notice of us (because of positive action).  It is imperative to make ourselves vulnerable because through our own vulnerability we learn more about ourselves.  Put yourself out there and secretly beg for people to ask you questions, and when someone does, it is your moment to shine.

By no means am I saying that by living simplistically that you can’t find success or happiness.  What I am saying is be a damned go-getter.  Attract positive and like-minded people to you by taking it one step further than the people around you.  Strive to outpace your competitors.  Yearn to make the most of each and every situation.  Position yourself so that people say, “I want to know more about that person.”

To stand out and take yourself to the next level does not require a tremendous amount of additional work.  It simply requires you to do the positive things you are doing now a bit better and a bit more noticeably.  Instead of calling or emailing someone to express your thanks, send a hand-written card because words on paper come from the heart.  Instead of cutting your day short at 4:45 to check social media for the last 15 minutes of the day, make two more phone calls to prospective clients – they could be your next big account.

There is no penalty or fallback to making yourself known and wanting to better yourself.  You are doing yourself an injustice if you choose to walk through this life nonchalantly.

Take it in stride,

Pushing yourself one step further,

And shoot for that extra mile.

People will take notice,

Appreciate your efforts,

And value the person you are becoming.

Let’s hear about what you are doing… to stand out from the crowd.

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