3d puzzleOver the past few months, my blog page has changed paths a time or two, and even moved to a new format a few weeks ago.  My purpose for making these adjustments was not to make things more appealing to the eye or discredit the lessons I have learned from running.

Rather, I wanted to reach more of the masses.  As I continue to learn about the blogging scene, I am finding new ways to impact a larger audience.  I have noticed that over the past three weeks, I am gaining new followers on a consistent basis.

Additionally, I am receiving comments from readers, and was even asked to guest blog an old posting to a reader’s page!  This is all cool and exciting stuff, considering in May, I only had a handful of followers.  It’s amazing what a few small changes can do to help improve the current situation.

Often times, though, change is seen as this gigantic, formidable foe in front of us.  It is easy to become resistant to it, and even easier to become entrenched in what we have always known.  Change is inevitable – it doesn’t stop, and there is nothing you can do to keep it from occurring.

Through change we learn.   And through the acquisition of knowledge, we grow.  Past posts have focused on celebrating success, working together, appreciating the journey, and what it means to commit yourself to something.

This week, I am asking all of my readers to help me fill in the gaps for the Sunday posts.  I want your feedback.  Where are areas my posts could be better?  What topics would you like to see me write more about?  Is there anything missing from the blog that you feel readers would benefit from?

With this information, it will allow myself, and all of us to experience growth.  As a result, the gains that we make will positively position ourselves so that we can achieve all that we deserve and then some.

So, lay it on me!  I’m excited to hear your feedback, as it is always welcome and appreciated!

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