The Background

When I began writing this blog in May, I knew that I wanted to write with passion in a way that others could draw relevance to their own lives.  It all began with a post about the importance of showing up and having a purpose.  The goal of that piece was to reflect on this question:  “What am I doing to better myself, and consequently, better the lives of those around me?”

In the weeks that followed, topics such as preparing for success, appreciating the journey and honoring your commitment, became cornerstones for building a foundation that continually strives to ‘do good’.  I like to use the phrase, ‘think positive, be positive and do positive’ – this is the mindset that causes people to forget their egos and do shit that matters.

And so each week this community is growing.  From a handful of followers (nearly all family), to people that I have never met.  As I watch this community expand, it excites me because I feel confident that we are truly living with a purpose – united together, building our set of core principles to live with good intentions.

What in the Hell does PR’ed Mean?

On more than one occasion, I have drawn analogies from running to our personal lives.  To be quite honest, ‘PR’ never really meant anything to me until I started running – and simply put, it stands for personal record or personal best.  From my own experiences, people tend to pair the term ‘PR’ with accomplishments in athletics.

For example:

  • A track runner set a new PR by running the 100 Meter race in 11.2 seconds – faster than his/her previous time of 11.7 seconds.
  • The typist set a new PR by typing, without error, 87 words per minute, better than the previous best of 78 words per minute.

I will sum it up with this – any event in which you performed better in one attempt than you ever have previously.  It does not have to be associated with sports or competitive games, rather anything you are passionate about doing.  And this is exactly the problem…

Too often people associate achieving a PR to a certain activity and fail to forget that this ‘game of life’ is very much designed for us to become better in all facets.  When was the last time you set a new record by going to church for a certain number of consecutive weeks?  How many days in a row can you call your parents to tell them you love them?  What would it take to reach out once a week to someone in need?

Such simple tasks to perform, and with a little effort, can easily yield big results.  These are the actions that have meaning – that those around you will appreciate.  They exhibit personal growth that truly says, “I am better today than I was yesterday.”

3 Reasons to Strive for PR’s in Life:

photoYesterday morning, my fiancée and I finished our last race of the year, running the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon.  It has been a long year of training for other races, but we knew this would be a great course to finish out the year, and help us determine the best program in moving forward and preparing for next year’s races.

That being said, we weren’t quite sure what to expect and simply said we would just go with it and see how it pans out.  Little did we know that we would walk away having set new PR’s in the half marathon distance.  It was quite the surprise, and one that already has us looking toward towards next season.

In reflection of this race, it had me thinking about the past year.  Over the course of the last ten months, I have set PR’s in life, as I’m certain plenty of you have.  There is importance in this, and three reasons why everyone should strive to reach new heights in arenas outside of athletics or competitive sporting events.

  1. Growth – As we better ourselves, it exhibits our ability to develop skills that will benefit our personal and professional lives.  This is contagious, and I am certain that if I am in a place surrounded by people doing important things and making a difference, then you can bet your ass I want to do important things as well.  Surround yourself in a community that wants to be better, not bigger, simply better.
  2. Mental Strength – More than just physical growth, the mental component is often the driving force in propelling us to new heights.  I may be in the best physical shape of my life, but mentally, if I can’t get over running in the blistering heat or sprinting in the freezing cold, then it’s going to be difficult for me to break through barriers when it matters.  In yesterday’s race, a buddy of mine joined me for a few miles, and at the end, I will admit, I told him I was just going to coast in.  He looked at me and said, “Hell no, you will kick yourself in the ass later if you don’t push it.  If anything, do it for the mental component.”  Your mind is your greatest muscle – use it, strengthen it.
  3. Care – It shows that you have made it a point to improve where you are today from where you were yesterday.  And tomorrow you are going to make it a point to be better than you are today.  You care about how your actions make you better.  It’s important that what you do impacts those around you.  There is no room for complacency – only growth.  To be quite frank – it lets others know that you give a damn.

Moving Forward:

As I begin to approach the coming weeks and months, I have made it a goal of mine to look at areas of my life where I could improve – perhaps even components of life that I have been completely remiss.  My challenge for all of you is to do the same.

When is the last time you took the time to analyze a portion of your life, and determine whether or not it has improved over the last week, month or year?  If there is more than one area, no need to get overwhelmed.  Pick out the one area to focus on where you no you will see results.  When you see the results, it is a confidence booster to continue moving forward, refining as you go, but always improving and always getting better.

Start small.  It begins with one step, one action, one good deed; so long as your moving forward.  Make life your race, and strive each day to set a new PR.

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