Looking back in history, our world has been fortunate to have been blessed with great leaders.  From George Washington to Martin Luther King to Mother Teresa, even the late Nelson Mandela – each of these people has been a leader in their respective fields.  The concept that places these leaders on an elite level is the fact that they were able to use their abilities to lead not just in their respective fields, but on a grand scale, affecting the masses.

bigstock-Think-About-Leadership-39370759I read articles and blogs regularly in regards to leadership.  Everything from what makes a great sales leader, to how to influence a group of people, and be seen as a leader amongst your peers.  The central question that surrounds defining such a person is ‘what characteristics define a great leader?’  This question is so subjective that it doesn’t pinpoint two or three (let alone one) trait that qualifies someone to be in a leadership role.

When I think about leaders that have impacted my life, I like to think that they have all possessed certain mindsets, more so than characteristics, that allowed them to motivate, inspire and engage others.  These people did more than lead by example.  Giving advice was commonplace.  Most importantly, they didn’t care who knew them or how well they did their jobs.

In thinking about these leaders that I have had contact with, there are ten mindsets that all of these people have that I feel qualifies them as a role model – an individual that I strive to be like because they have made my life better.

  1. They have the mindset of genuinely wanting to help.  Their mindset was that of placing the needs of others before themselves.  These people ask the question, “What do you need from me?”
  2. They have the mindset of living with conviction everyday.  Mother Teresa didn’t devote her life to serving God and others on certain days, but rather each day because it was the right thing to do.
  3. They have the mindset of captivating an audience.  Be it large or small, through action or inaction, they know how to grab your attention, reel you in, and build a relationship.
  4. They have the mindset of contributing to the greater good.  The word ‘team’ was commonplace as they know it takes a group of like-minded people to build something sustainable.
  5. They have the mindset of admitting their faults.  Through the admittance of their faults, they grow stronger, and as they grow stronger, people became more attracted to them.
  6. They have the mindset that failure isn’t an option.  It doesn’t resonate that their are no options.  They get knocked down nine times and they stand up ten – that simple.
  7. They have the mindset of an entrepreneur.  They are creative, thinking outside the box and expanding their horizons.  Never settling for what they have, but rather always wanting to grow and understand more.
  8. They have the mindset of listening first and speaking second.  Through understanding someone, they can provide.  In turn, the providing leads to better understanding.
  9. They have a mindset rooted in passion.  They don’t do something because they are told to, but rather because they want to.  They are connected and passionate with life, people and professions.
  10. They have a mindset that they are committed to whatever they set their mind to.  From their commitment to self, they can more easily make a commitment to others.

Mindsets, a way of thinking which results in a way of action.  This is so much more than good speaking skills, physical talent or intellectual knowledge.  It requires connecting the heart and mind to produce a well oiled machine that serves a purpose – the purpose to lead others.

Who do you consider a leader in your life?  Do they exhibit these mindsets?  Have they impacted your life along with those lives of countless others?  My challenge to you, as a reader, is to respond to this post and tell me about a leader in your own life.  What mindsets do they exude?

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