It’s been nearly two weeks since beginning 2014, and I hope everyone has been able to stay on track with their resolutions and goals.  While challenging at times, I can assure you that feelings of gratification are just around the corner – hold on tight!

clear-your-mindSince setting goals of my own, I am constantly reviewing where I stand, and executing/altering my plan of action as I see fit.  In my personal life, my writing has become an important element of what defines me.  Each week I spend a few hours thinking, preparing and completing an article to post.  I have discussed items such as having a purpose, building human capital and developing relationships.

In the year to come, I am striving to improve my writing skills and hone in on my niche community of readers.  While I agree that the best way to enhance writing skills is done through practice and more writing, I also believe that being pertinent and on point holds just as much importance.  Therefore, for the remainder of January, I am going to focus on ‘cleaning the clutter’ from my writing.  To do this, my challenge is to limit my posts to 500 words or less.

My intention in doing this isn’t to cut short the content, but rather be more specific using less.  This is going to be a challenge for me, as I seem to always want to explain a bit further and can easily do so (just like that sentence!).

I am also working to ‘clean the clutter’ from areas of my life other than writing.  I am trying to avoid filling my life with tasks or activities that are inefficient or provide no value, meanwhile removing unnecessary facets such as watching too much television or adding another pair of shoes to my closet.

Think of it as a Christmas tree – before decorating with lights, ornaments and garland.  There is simplicity and beauty in having a plain tree with maybe a strand of white lights and a few ornaments.  When you begin to fill the tree with much more than that, it becomes easy to not notice every ornament and appreciate the value of certain ones in particular.

Our lives are similar to a Christmas tree.  Often times, we feel the need to decorate or embellish ourselves in order to ‘appear‘ better.  For what reason?  Eventually, it all has to be removed and bring us back to our true selves.  Personally, I still have not found the best way to permanently remove the clutter that seems to cling to our lives – but for that reason it has become a goal of mine!

When reflecting on your own life, are there areas in which it is filled with clutter?  Would your life be any different/better if the excess baggage were removed?  Reflect, think and act!

3 Comments on “Cleaning the Clutter, Clearing your Mind

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