Driving the Open Road

nature-highway_00376687This past week, I drove over 1,000 miles for work to various trainings, appointments and meetings.  I hadn’t realized it until the final leg of my day on Friday, but nearly 80% of those miles were driven on a single highway.

On Monday I drove Interstate 71N from Cincinnati to Cleveland and back south on Tuesday.  I spent Thursday and Friday traveling to and from Columbus (and surrounding areas) for sales calls.  For many, these distances aren’t reached in a week, let alone a month.  These drives no longer bother me, as they are often filled with moments of silence, phone calls and thought processing.

What I find interesting is that in my moments of silence, the road ahead never seems to change.  My focus tends to aim towards what is in front of me, and I often become antsy to get to my next destination.  With a narrow mind, it becomes easy for me to fail to recognize my surroundings.  So, with each subsequent trip, I find myself noticing landscapes, buildings, restaurants and businesses I didn’t see the previous trip.

Our Road Ahead

In our lives, we are all traveling down a road.  Some content with where the road is heading, and for others wondering when in the hell it is going to change direction.  When life is good, we notice our surroundings and everything life is throwing at us from all angles – we accept what is good and shrug off the bad.  Then, when we are struggling and the road seems all uphill, our thoughts begin to focus on reaching the top – getting over the ‘bump in the road’.

Have you been stuck on what seems like the same road for a long period of time?  Does your vision focus solely on the 100 yards in front of you?  Do you find yourself asking when something is going to change?  When the sun will shine bright and the road become flat?

What’s the answer?

Change your direction

Just as I noticed different things on the same road, you too can also look in either direction and see that you are surrounded by so much more than what is in front of you.  Take a look at your hands; they are on the steering wheel.  The steering wheel is your guide to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Fear not what’s to your left or right.  If you are unfulfilled with your current road, then veer in the other direction.  Although scary at times d(r)iving into the unknown, sometimes it’s the only way to bring about change.  I’m confident that you would be surprised at how much good is surrounding your life.  You just have to be deliberate at taking the alternate route and taking the risk of changing your direction.

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3 Comments on “If your Road Ahead isn’t Changing, then Change your Direction

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