Did I catch your attention?

Memories without warning.  Driving naked.  What in the world am I talking about?  Before you come unglued from your seat, let me provide a frame of reference.

Driving to Indianapolis:

At least once a week, it seems I find myself making trips to Indianapolis.  Driving along Interstate 74 West from Cincinnati, exit numbers, mile markers and clean restrooms are a few things I have locked into memory.  If you’ve ever driven this route, then you’re aware that it’s a fairly simple route.  Acres of farmland intermixed with a few manufacturing facilities and country routes headed towards smaller Indiana towns.

Once arriving at the Interstate 465 loop (circle freeway surrounding downtown Indianapolis), the scenery changes rather quickly.  Soon after merging onto this freeway, smoke stacks become visible, the high rise buildings of downtown Indy are in sight, and an abundance of businesses to the left and right.  From rural towns along the highway to the hustle and bustle atmosphere that is evident of a larger city.

For me, this upbeat atmosphere is what triggers my thoughts, builds excitement and has my mind running 1,000 MPH.  In Indianapolis, specifically on this 465 loop, there are two billboards that always catch my eye:

  1. Memories are Made without Warning
  2. Don’t Drive Naked

Understanding what this means for you:

The smell of fresh cut grass looms on Sunday afternoon.  The aroma of burgers and dogs on the grill.  The noise of the cars down the street through the open windows in the house.  All signs that Spring has arrived.

It’s time to get up, get out and do something that you haven’t had the ability to do for a few months now.  While the second billboard truly has nothing to do with literally driving naked (it is actually in reference to applying creative images, logos and designs to your car to market a business), it does have a focus on doing something out of the ordinary.

Imagine your life is the car.  Until you add something to your life, be it developing a new skill or being fearless and overcoming obstacles, then your life will be bare – in the nude if you will.  Memories aren’t made unless you mentally and physically do something to provide a reaction.  Cover yourself up, add variety to your closet of clothes, wear many hats, be daring with new styles, and choose to be different.

If you feel as if your life is missing something, like it could use a little spice, then do the unthinkable, wear the unimaginable and try the unstoppable.  The essence of life is to be daring and bold.  In doing so, memories are created, and it is your bank of memories that give you the ability to reflect on your life and say, “Damn, life isn’t so bad.”

Which Car would you rather Drive?

The next time you find yourself in a rut, I challenge you to think of yourself as one of two cars.

  1. Would you rather continue driving the plain white four door sedan that is content with traveling the same path each day?  Never swerving from time to time.  Never picking up your pace just a bit to see what else is out there.  Or, slowing down just a bit to take in the splendor of life.  OR…
  2. Add a little flair to your black on black, two door, convertible sports car?  Driving down a new path to your end destination albeit it windy and hilly, knowing that you are creating memories while doing so.  Taking risks by adding something to your life that wasn’t previously present.

Which do you prefer?  To drive naked, never adding excitement and flair to your life.  Or to dress things up from time to time, and creating memories that will come without warning?

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