Okay, so I know that I said I would be taking the next four weeks off of writing.  With some work travel this coming week mixed in with the Cleveland Marathon next Sunday, my thoughts seem to only be focused on those two things.  But, today signifies an important day for someone close to me.

It’s been an incredible journey the past year.  Where I started to where I am now.  At times, the road flat, straight and narrow.  At others, all uphill, blind turns and rocky at best.  Through it all, I was fortunate to have the love and support of those closest to me.

30007_786593343548_4129830_nMy supporting cast – my team – has been a mainstay.  It’s been a team that has taken me to new heights.  Any given team will have a number of star players.  Players that fill roles others can’t.  It’s the collective strength of all members that creates a championship team.

Over the past few days, I have been following the NFL Draft.  Watching teams determine which prospect can fill a void in the roster.  Just like the quarterback calls the plays in football, and helps lead a team to victory, we are all blessed to have a quarterback in our lives.

While I claim to have learned everything I know from my dad, I’m everywhere I am today because of my mom.  The one who likely drove me to more practices and games than I can ever recall.  The person who always believed in me.  The mom who probably said enough prayers to fill up every church in the city.

No matter what route I was running, mom was the one guiding me, teaching me, and showing me the way.  Standing strong under pressure and being confident that I would utilize my skills to get me where she thought I should be.  While she may not understand what a ‘franchise player’ is, she has reached this elite level on my team.

Thankful and appreciative to call her my teammate.  Grateful to have her leading my team at the quarterback position.  Even more blessed to call her my mom.

To many more championship seasons!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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