inspiration1Your Go-To for Inspiration

You’ve all been at a point in time when you could use a pick-me-up, energy provider or a bit of inspiration to bring you out of a funk.  Whether you’re struggling with a physical illness, watching your children struggle or have lost your job – you will do anything to have your spirits lifted and feel reinvigorated.  As a result, you realize you are wealthy in so many areas despite the one thing that is pulling you down.

So, what do you do in these moments?  Do you pray?  Go for a walk or run?  Watch a funny video?  Get in the car and drive?  There is a ‘go-to’ for each of you.  Personally, I use them all.  They all serve a purpose.

With technology and internet access to self-help guides, motivational blogs and YouTube videos, it doesn’t require too much effort or physical strain to often find the morale boost that you are seeking.

TED Talks

In 1984, Richard Saul Wurman experienced a booming interest in three areas – Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED).  Through years of trial, Mr. Wurman created a platform for experts in these fields to speak on innovation.  After several years of struggling to make things happen on a large scale, Richard was eventually connected with media entrepreneur Chris Anderson in 2000.  And in 2001, Chris’ non-profit began to fund and develop how the world would be inspired for years to come.

In building on Richard’s philosophy of having innovative people in front of an audience, Chris sought out incredibly passionate people to engage others by speaking on their philosophies and successes in their own lives.  Whether speaking on topics such as finding work you love or being vulnerable, there is likely a speech that will inspire you – a ‘talk’ that will lift pick you up off the floor and elicit a positive response – a positive feeling physically and emotionally.

5 Week Series

This past week, I found myself revisiting some of my favorite TED Talks – several of which relate to topics discussed each week in this blog.  The title of this blog is ‘Building United’, with the motto to build yourselves up so you can build up those around you.  That being said, for the next 5 weeks, I will share my top 5 favorite TED Talks and dissect them to develop strategies to be better, to be inspired.

To give you a brief preview as to what these videos entail, here’s one to get you started.  It’s titled, ‘My Philosophy for a Happy Life’ by Sam Berns.  Just watching this video reinforces the idea I have all the tools needed to live a happy life, and so do each of you reading today.



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