The Struggle

Recent studies show that we are exposed to approximately 5,000 advertisements each day.  With this amount of information penetrating your lives, it can be difficult to make decisions for yourself.  It can prove to be a struggle making choices that aren’t based on what you hear, see and feel.

The battle becomes a fight between choosing to do or not do something based on whether someone or something provokes you to do so.  For example, you have been feeling under the weather for a couple of months, and the daily dose of Tylenol just doesn’t seem to be cutting it.  How long do you tell yourself it will go away before you see a doctor?

In my daily life, I try to implement the motto that ‘persistence wins’.  Whether for the good or bad, if an act continues to repeat itself, then eventually it is going to cause an event that hasn’t occurred before.  If you continue to call on a prospective customer that you have not made progress with, then eventually you will break through.  If you continue to blow air into a balloon, then at some point it is going to burst.

The Persistence

When you arrive at the point when ‘persistence wins’, then it is going to trigger a reaction.  In the previous example, after consistent calls on a prospect, at some point in time you will receive your opportunity.  It may take weeks, months or even years, but it will happen as long as your efforts are persistent.  The balloon, once it bursts, it is likely that you will jump a bit in your seat.

As a human, how much can you take before enough is enough?  How long does that pain need to bother you before you get it checked by a doctor?  What does it take for you to finally overcome an addiction that you have had for years?  If you let the pain bother you long enough, or continue smoking long enough, eventually it will win – and your ability to change the outcome will be much more difficult.

The Win

When you’ve finally had enough of whatever has been invading your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you will choose to do something about it.  And when you choose to act on your current situation, then you can better understand you options for moving forward.  As you move forward, you inch closer to ‘the win’.

Be it getting a clean bill of health from your doctor, or finally getting the courage to voice an opinion that you have been holding onto for a long time, there are feelings of relief when finally ‘let out’.  The tension lessons, the mind becomes clear and the stress fades away.  It’s easier to live without worry, without pain and without hurt.  It provides an opportunity for you to be you!

The Moral

Listen to yourself.  Listen to your body.  If something doesn’t feel right, then check it out.  Listen to your mind.  If an idea of yours has been fermenting for some time, then tell somebody who will listen.  If your heart is broken, then then on somebody who will help fix it.  If your unhappy with your current position in life, then walk away and start anew.

Forget what the commercials say.  Leave behind the comments from everyone else.  Throw to the curb all of the ‘clutter‘ that is holding you back from deciding for yourself.

Just this past week, as I stared up at the ceiling in the dentist’s office, there was a poster with several short sayings.  Of the 50 or so quotes, the one that has stuck with me is as follows; “Swallowing your pride seldom causes indigestion.”

No sense in being the hero.  Superman is a person of the past.  Hercules lived centuries ago.  You are you, and you are here now.  Do what you know is right for you.  Listen to your heart when it’s feeling weak.  Check your health when you feel in pain.  Talk to someone when your thoughts aren’t positive.




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