Just How Complicated is Adult Life?

I’m stressed.  I’m tired.  I have no energy.  I didn’t sleep well last night.  My body aches.  It was a long day at work.  Negative-isms is what I like to call them.  They are all statements that hold the same ideology.  They indirectly state that life is just too damn complicated, and it just needs to let up.

Sure, as adults the demands are higher and sometimes the pressure greater.  As a college student trying to complete a term paper, as a new employee in a corporate office trying to make a name for yourself, or as a parent walking a tight rope and trying to maintain sanity.  Everyday being pulled in what seems to be ten different directions with ten different needs.

It’s easy to find yourself wondering, ‘why in the hell does it have to be this complicated’; ‘when will it ever get easier’.  The truth is, life isn’t complicated unless you make it your mindset.  The stresses in your life are self-induced.  You choose your own happiness, and you choose to do the things you find most enjoyable.  And, when will life get easier?  It won’t.  It will always be difficult and challenging.  It will never be easier, but it will get more enjoyable.

Just How Complicated is Kid Life?

Pouring_Rain_Wallpaper_bhb45If you’re in need of inspiration, and life has you feeling down, I encourage you to have a conversation with a young kid – preferably less than ten years old.  There is something about youthful exuberance that has the ability to motivate and re-energize society’s older generations.  For example, there is an often repeated phrase that adults use when everything turns sour; “When it rains, it pours.”  This is the epitome of a negative-ism.

Now, ask a young child what this statement means, and you are likely to get a response of, “Well, it wouldn’t be that bad if you had an umbrella!”  A child that makes this statement doesn’t view life as being complicated, but rather focuses on how to change the current situation to make it better.

In college, I studied to be a Physical Education Teacher.  There is something exciting about being in a gymnasium with 30+ rugrats jacked up on Little Debbie’s and 20 soccer balls whizzing past your head.  I can promise you that there wasn’t a single kid who when challenged that they ‘couldn’t do something’, wouldn’t think twice about running through a brick wall to prove you wrong.  They were creative and would think outside the box to find a way to prove me wrong – and often times succeeded.

Forget Your Adult Thoughts, and Think Like a Child

I see it everyday, both in my personal and professional life.  Grown men and women whom have been given all of the resources and every opportunity to succeed – yet they find more ways to explain why they can’t do something, rather than finding a way to reach a goal.  Because life is ‘too complicated’ and ‘too stressful’ with ‘too much to do’.  It seems easier not to do something than work hard in doing anything.

Remember, though, life doesn’t get easier – it gets more enjoyable.  The contingency is that it requires you to work, to think positively, and to put all the bull shit aside.  Wake up each morning with a positive mindset that you are in control of the day, and from the moment your feet hit the floor, you will have determined how the rest of the day will progress.  When you make your way down the stairs and out the door to your car, smile big.  And if it’s raining, let alone pouring, grab your umbrella and keep smiling!


5 Comments on “Begin to Think Like a Child

  1. Its amazing when I read this article..it makes such a mood booster for welcoming my monday, the next day, and everyday 😀

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