Life Can Be Complicated, But it doesn’t Have to Be

As we go through life, we will encounter moments when we ask ourselves, “Why does life have to be so damn complicated?”

There is no perfect recipe for living a stress-free, easy going life that guides you down the yellow brick road of success – without any obstacles.  There isn’t a perfect mixture of faith or kindness or hard work that will alleviate any and all complications that life can throw at us.

All too often we find ourselves overcompensating, over-reacting, and over-thinking every situation that life sets at the door step.  The result is that we, as humans, have a tendency to complicate the matter, sometimes making it appear to be an insurmountable task.

Then, we falter, shelter ourselves, we shy away, and hell, we might even give up.

And when we choose these actions, we miss out on our chance to convert a challenge into an opportunity.  But, the great thing about the human mind is that we can choose to think otherwise.  We can elect to think positively in a way that makes a seemingly daunting task, seem incredibly simple.

At the Root of All we Do, is One Simple Thing

444371-simplicityThink about the last time you were driving in your car and another driver caused you to feel angry, possibly even irate, as a result of something the other driver did, or didn’t do.  Do you remember what you did in response?  What were the words that you said?  Did you make a particular gesture with your body?  Or, did you do nothing at all?

When you think about your reaction, did you think about what really caused it?  If your initial response is what the other driver did or didn’t do, then I’d ask you to think a little bit deeper.

What if I told you it was an emotion?  What if I said it was the feeling of anger that prompted you to lay on the horn and raise a fist in rage?  Would it make sense that it was the anger and not the driver that elicited your response?

I could continue with a list of examples of actions or responses that are the same – learning to ‘skip’ as a young child can seem complicating, but when broken down it’s a step and a hop on the right foot followed by a step and a hop on the left foot; J.K. Rowling has sold millions upon millions of Harry Potter novels due to one simple thing – a creative mind.

Sure, I’m not going to argue that there weren’t other circumstances that contributed to an end result, however each outcome is rooted in one thing – it has to be.

What One Simple Thing Will You do Today?

As you begin your day, or prepare for the next, it’s important to understand that you will find yourself face to face with hundreds of different emotions, decisions, and desires throughout the day.  And, when you do, remember that at the root of all you do is one simple thing, one idea.

When you begin thinking about this concept, think about the power that ‘one simple thing’ carries with it.  Recognize that with one simple thing you have the ability to greatly change the course of your life (for the better or worse) and to negatively or powerfully influence another life.

It doesn’t require ‘a lot’ to have a profound impact.  It doesn’t require hours of hard work or determination, although these are important life characteristics.

You know what it does require?

One simple thing.

Think about it, and as you work through the day remember how powerful it can be.  Use it positively to empower yourself and engage others.

Because, you never know…

That one powerful thing you do, might cause another simple thing, and another, and another.  And soon after, one simple thing has evolved into thousands of great things.


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