Getting_Started_FinalYou’ve all heard that hindsight is 20/20, and that you can’t go through life living in the rear view mirror.  Life presents too many opportunities at the present moment – opportunities that carry more weight than ones that have passed, or ones that have yet to arrive.

Life isn’t intended to live by regret, but rather to live by experiencing – making the most of each moment that we have.

Yes, I know, it might sound cliché and overused, but life is too damn short.  In the past couple of months, I’ve heard stories and experienced these life situations that always seem to put everything into perspective.  These events had me reflecting this past week, asking myself how far would I go and to what lengths would I push myself in order to prevent myself from saying:

“I wish I had known…”

So, I arrived at a series of questions.  The answers weren’t always easy to swallow – possibly a hint of fear, a pinch uncertainty, and even doubt were associated with some of my responses.  However, at the end of the day, life is tough and it requires tough decisions, and if you intend to be a difference maker in the life you lead, then you are going to have to think differently than others in your approach.

Now, I’m asking you to answer the same questions I asked myself.  Think hard and give yourself an honest assessment about what is launching you to the place you want to be, or what has your feet cemented at the starting line.

  1. If everything you wanted was at the tip of your fingers, then how far would you reach?
  2. If you were given all the resources you need to pursue your passion, would you run after your dreams?
  3. If you were reminded that dreams can become a reality, how long would you continue to let them set idle?
  4. If you knew that your vulnerability would help you conquer the mountains you face, would you lace up your boots and start to climb?
  5. If swimming with the sharks would allow you to find that treasure you’ve been seeking, would you take a deep breath and dive?
  6. If you could be guaranteed that tomorrow was going to be better than today, would you forget about the problems you are staring at today?
  7. If you knew that the last dollar in your pocket would invest in the well- being of another person, would you give it up?
  8. If you knew you would regret certain parts of your life on your last day, would you change what you’re doing today?

After you’ve answered each of the questions, ask yourself one more:

“What’s holding me back today?

With one, brave step, you have the ability to begin living the life that you always intended to live.  Start today, and continue tomorrow.

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