Achieving the Status Quo is a Complacent Result

‘It is what it is.’

‘I’m happy without changing anything.’

‘There’s nothing wrong with being average.’

We’ve all made these statements.  Whether we are in the midst of hardship, moments of surrender, or personal defeats, it’s not always easy to have the confidence (and ability) to think positively.  I’ve been there, and I’ve battled my own demons, just as each of you has.

We may not admit it, but the truth is that deep down, we are seeking something more than what we can wrap our hands around.  Whatever it is, our excuses leave us thinking that what we desire is just too big to grasp, too far out of reach.

Those that are able to accept their adversity as normal, and let it ‘work itself out’, are often times the individuals that are willing to accept the status quo as a way of life. The result is complacency – and complacency breeds mediocrity.

The truth of the matter is that if we continue to do the same things, and accept the status quo, then we are going to continue to get the same damn results.

If we’re after something more than what we currently have, and want to move beyond our current circumstances, then we must change something about the way we ‘do life’.

Challenging the Status Quo isn’t Going to Be Easy

At any period of your lives, when you choose to challenge what’s considered ‘normal’, you are going to meet resistance.  People are going to question your prerogatives, doubt your abilities, and resist your ideas.

The result of these people is that it becomes easy to doubt your own capabilities and self-worth.  And, if it gets to you, the result is that you will submit to what these people say and settle for the path of least resistance.

But remember, you are a powerful person with infinite amounts of opportunity to embrace adversity, create change, and impact this world as a result of your accomplishments.  At the end of the day, it does not serve you well to accept anything less than what you deserve.

Be bold. Be different. Be you.

3 Reasons Why You Should Challenge the Status Quo

While there are several reasons for challenging the norm, I have boiled it down to the three that I feel encompass everything it means to question the way things have ‘always been done’ – and ultimately create your own path for moving forward.

  1. You Make Yourself Noticeable
    Let’s be honest, when you choose to challenge the status quo, you are going to be noticed.  Whether in a good way or bad way, you can forget slipping through the cracks along with all the other Donna-do-nothing’s.  You make yourself recognizable.  In many ways, you are going to be ‘heard’, and those that genuinely care are going to help.  These people will be the ones that help make your vision a reality, and they will help get you from your ‘here’ to your ‘there’. If they lead you to believe that challenging the norm isn’t acceptable, then it’s pthey have accepted the status quo in their own life.
  2. Difference Makers do Things Differently
    The people who have impacted this world the most are the ones who have looked at the way everyone else was doing something, and then went and done it differently.  The companies in our world that are most successful are the ones that have foregone traditional methodology and found creative ways to utilize their resources (human, capital, tools, etc.). Difference makers are innovative and see things through the lens of a problem solver – with the solution resulting in something better than the status quo.
  3. It Expedites Growth
    If you started completing 25 push-ups everyday, beginning today, there would come a time when this exercise regimen becomes easy.  If you continued with the push-ups, then you would eventually hit a plateau – a point at which the 25 push-ups provide no return on investment.  Unless you alter or change something about the the process you are using, then the results will not improve.  Whether you increase the repetitions to 50 per day, or change the position of your hands, something needs to change.  When the change takes place, then you will begin to see growth. There is not a single-track approach to success, and unless you are willing to change something about the existing process, then it’s going to continue to prove to be challenging to learn and grow.

Despite how challenging it might be to resist following into the trap of complacency, the reward is that you can soon begin to see the limitless possibilities that are before you.  When you have possibilities, you have options.  When you have options, you have the ability to choose.  And, when you begin to choose what is best for your life, and not what everyone else thinks or believes, then you begin to create opportunities.

There are so many people out there who are going to tell you that you can’t. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say ‘watch me’.

What are you going to do this week to challenge the norm? More importantly, what opportunities are you going to create for yourself as a result?

The worst thing that can happen… You will discover something about yourself that you didn’t know before.



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