The Truth About Today

Each day that you walk this earth presents its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. However, the most important of days is the one you’re facing right now – today.  Whether you have graced the earth with your presence for 10 years or 50 years, it’s imperative that you set your sights on today.

For some of you, today represents the middle of what you might consider ‘the absolute worst time of your life’ – you’re at the bottom of a hole and trying to get out.  Others, however, might proclaim that today represents the best that they have ever felt – flying high on cloud nine with no anticipation of coming down anytime soon.  Then, there are those who are on the cusp of change – some moving in the direction they need to get out of the hole they are in, and others on the precipice of coming down from their ‘high’ into the uncertainty that the future holds.

No matter which of these circumstances you identify with, IT’S OKAY because today represents a day in this season of our life.  Just as the seasons of the calendar year come to pass, I’m here to tell you that I know this one thing to be certain:

Today – your season of life – it too, will come to pass. “But when?” you ask. I’ll respond by saying that it might be as soon as tomorrow, or it might be at a time far into the future.

Now, you’re asking, “How does that help me to prepare for what is to come?”

It helps you to prepare because it helps you to be present.

Today Has a Purpose

Regardless of where you find yourself today, it serves a purpose.  Financially broke, on the brink of our greatest achievement, or battling physical hardship; whatever your ‘here’ happens to be, it is your own responsibility to discern, to embrace and to appreciate what that purpose is.

Not sure, what this means? Ask yourself these questions to help process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.:

  • Is the purpose of today to show you that with some hard work you can accomplish great things?
  • Is the purpose of today to remind you of how important family is in your life?
  • Is the purpose of today to prompt you to make a change in your life?
  • Is the purpose of today to learn something new that will carry you into the next season of life?

“Until you can identify (and accept) what you strongly believe is the purpose behind your today, then you will struggle to find the meaning when you arrive at your tomorrow.”

For example, just as the season of Spring serves as a time for new growth and development, so does the season of Winter act as a time for restoration.  If you can learn to embrace your purpose today, then it will likely come to pass quicker than if you choose to fight it.

The struggle arises when you try to counter and to do something contrary to the purpose of today.  I’ll admit, this isn’t always easy to do.  There have been times when I’ve done anything possible to try and escape the challenges of today. There have also been times when I’ve done seemingly anything to slow down time so that today never escapes.

The outcome?  More frustration.  It just doesn’t work well.

So, how do you make the most of the season you are in?  Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. First, what season of life am I in and how is it helping me or hurting me from taking advantage of today?
  2. Next, what can I learn today about the purpose of today?
  3. Lastly, how can I use my purpose today, and everyday, to find my meaning for tomorrow?

Allow the Season to Pass

As I said before, the season you are in will come to pass.  You can’t dictate when, so it’s important to remove any and all expectations.  Instead, let the season naturally run its course.  Eventually, the sun will peek out from behind the clouds, or it will tuck itself behind the mountains.

Regardless of what is to come next, it is insignificant if you can’t identify with what is today.

And, when the season finally passes, there will certainly be some change.  Although, through the change, you have another opportunity to define your purpose and to not let today slip away.

The mysterious joys of life aren’t found in yesterday’s struggles or achievements, nor can they placed on tomorrow’s hopes and dreams.  Instead, the mysterious joys are found in today, and joys are in the purpose.


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