Growth is Happening

It’s that time of the year.  Rain is falling, grass is growing, flowers are blooming, and allergies are in full swing.  I’m always amazed at how quickly this transition takes place as we move from Winter into Spring.  Overnight, it seems, that the world outside comes to life.  The landscapes become plush, full of color.  Animals scurry about, and the daylight seems to linger just a bit longer.

Ready or not, it happens.  With the onset of a new season, the world around you begins to grow.  From seeds into plants, from newborns into toddlers, and from hibernation into awakening.  Your surroundings are moving faster, and it’s easier to get outside.  And, if you take a moment to stop and look around, you’ll take notice of some sort of growth that is happening.  The growth could be in one of the previous examples.  Or, perhaps, the growth is happening inside of yourself.

You see, your life is also a seasonal thing.  Life brings it’s own ups and down – times of stagnancy and times of growth.  Slower at points in time and much faster at others.  Either way, one truth remains – to continue to grow you must continue to commit.

Cultivating Your Growth

Behind growth of any kind, a process must occur.  Your own physical growth takes place because of biological and physiological processes.  Growth within a skill set happens after continued, deliberate practice.  Regardless, these developments do not take place by you doing absolutely nothing.

So, if doing nothing results in limited or no growth, what must you do to experience the contrary?


Think of the farmer who prepares for an upcoming season of crop growing.  To have a successful and profitable year, there is much more to the process than simply planting seeds.  To receive the desired results (and ultimately growth), the farmer will do the following:

  • Till the land
  • Remove rocks from the soil
  • Carefully plant each seed
  • Water the land
  • Fertilize the ground
  • Spray pesticides
  • Allow the crop to mature
  • Harvest the crop

Even then, the process is much more involved than these few steps.  The amount of planning, developing, and executing that is required is a tedious process.  It’s a challenging process.  Finally, it is a journey that is continuous – day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.  There is no stopping.

To cultivate such growth reminds me of the process for managing complex change.  It requires a vision, a base set of skills, an incentive, the resources, and a plan.  When each of these parts is present, then change can occur, and ultimately, growth takes place.

We all have areas in our lives in which we are currently trying to improve.  The process for improvement isn’t always smooth sailing.  It requires effort.  It requires time.  It requires work.  It boils down to the idea that your growth requires cultivation.  Sure, you will face challenges, the process will be hit with adversity, and you will want to quit.

However, if the end goal (growth) is something that you truly desire, then you will continue to cultivate.  You make the commitment to sharpen your focus, hone in on the objective, and bust your ass.  Then, when you finally break through, you will have arrived at a new season of life.

In that very moment, you will commit to something more.  You will begin to nurture once more.  And, one day at a time, you will tell yourself, Today is Possible.

So, today, commit yourself to something.  Commit yourself to something that you want to pursue with passion and purpose.  When tomorrow arrives, commit yourself once again to the same thing.  With each day that passes, learn, develop, and build into that one thing – cultivate it.  Watch it grow into something of value.  Hell, the process might even cause growth within you.

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