Building Your Life, Developing Your Purpose

Two weeks ago, I published an article titled ‘What Growth are You Cultivating in Your life?’.  This excerpt discussed the importance of cultivating something in our lives – something that we are passionate about and something for which we have purpose.

It comes as no surprise that, for many of us, growing something isn’t always easy.  In order to develop a skill, a study, or a living object to its full potential, requires a tremendous amount of time, effort, work, and sometimes even money.  But, as it relates to growing our lives, many of us are willing to make those sacrifices if it means that we are working towards an end goal.  I like to call this ‘pursuing your passion because you see the purpose’.

Have you ever asked yourself, what can I do differently to make an impact in my own life?  In the lives of others?  Chasing after something, or an idea, that doesn’t provide you, or others, any sense of gratification, might not be the best thing to pursue (relative to your time, effort, and money).  You might even find yourself running in circles instead of moving forward towards something that you find meaningful.

So, then, what is meaningful?  What makes sense?  You may not even know what that looks like?  That’s okay, I’ve been in that situation before.  Figuring where to begin is usually the most difficult piece.  However, I’ve developed a couple of questions that seem to help, and I want to share them with you.

  1. What kind of life am I trying to build?
  2. What kind of person do I want to be?

Take a minute or two and think about these questions.  You may not have an immediate answer, and that’s alright.  Put some thought into over the course of the day and come back to them when you feel ready.

Meanwhile, it’s important to understand the concept of ‘building’.  Typically, when something is built – a physical structure, a human muscle, anything – it gets stronger as it is built.  As it relates to your life, if you aren’t building, then you aren’t growing.  If you aren’t growing, then you likely aren’t getting any closer to an end goal.

More important than whatever it is that you decide to build, is the manner in which you pursue such a thing.  How well do you interact with others?  Do you maintain your integrity and stick to your morals?  Along the way, are you building relationships with others?  Are you being authentic and genuine?  So many questions, but I think it boils down to a single statement that has a yes or no answer.

“Are you building yourself up, in order to build up (and into) those around you?  Yes or no?”

Shifting back to the original two questions…  They may not set you forth on the path you desire, nor the one that you’re passionate about.  However, they will provide you with some direction – a starting point.  Then, when your responses to these questions collide and you are building something while being the person that you strive to be…  Well, that’s when it begins to make sense.

That’s when the path becomes straight.  This is the moment when you have clarity.  This is the time when you feel excited about everything that is yet to come.  And, this is the instant when you realize that today, and everything you have ever dreamed of, is possible.

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