Hello and welcome back!  I trust that the past couple of months have brought each of you an abundance of joy.  The summer months are an exciting time and often provide the opportunity to take vacations, spend time with family, or even pursue a new hobby.  For me, it was no different, but I’m excited to get back to writing and pushing forward into a new era for my work and writing.

In my last post, Timing is Everything, I honed in on two questions that I wanted to work through while building out a new website, creating better branding, and developing improved content.

  1. What kind of life am I trying to build?
  2. What kind of person am I trying to be?

If we are honest with ourselves, these are tough questions.  The questions force us to look at ourselves in the mirror and make a true assessment of our current state of affairs.  It’s challenging enough to answer these questions honestly and truthfully, and it might even be more difficult to take the first steps in working towards what we desire.

While I could provide very detailed responses for how I answered these questions, I will summarize with a quote that I feel encompasses what I’m trying to achieve.

“You have a choice.  You can live a life of self or a life of service – but a life of self-service won’t get you very far.”

Over the last four years, I have composed nearly 200 articles.  I have attracted nearly 1,000 subscribers to my work.  I have completed one re-branding and blog overhaul.  However, I am always seeking ways to better connect to my audience of readers.

Up to this point, the relationship with my subscribers has been very much a give-take interaction.  I produce an article, and my readers take it and read it.  Then, repeat the following week.  Therefore, when I reflected on the headlining questions, I realized that I wasn’t doing enough to engage with each of you and to provide you with the best experience that I can.

Beginning next week, I will officially transition all of my work and writing to a new website (Today is Possible (TIP)).  Over the last two months, I have worked with various people on logos and branding, marketing and SEO, and content creation.  As a result, I am excited about the new site, and the opportunities it will allow me to begin to build the life I imagine and to be the person I strive to be.

At the present, the TIP website is ‘live’ as I finish the final touches.  I appreciate your patience as I continue to modify, edit and adjust different aspects in the weeks to come.  As you browse through, you will find all of my original work – it was important to keep this as it serves for the foundation of my current material.  Additionally, I sought out avenues for creating more than a give-take relationship with my readers.  From online webinars, to one-on-one coaching, to speaking engagements, this is a big step in being able to personalize content.

For those of you that have been with me for the last several years, I would love to have you continue this journey with me at the new site.  If you would like to continue receiving my weekly articles, I urge you to click here and join the community.  Is there someone who you think would benefit from my work?  Please share the link with them, and I look forward to connecting with them.

In the meantime, I want to share how much I appreciate your patience in this process.  It has been more than just a learning experience for me as I worked toward this vision.  Now, I’m excited for where the journey takes us!


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