My Readers

Just when you thought that you were cruising down easy street, this thing called life had different plans for you.  Sometimes the plans were unannounced, and at other times, you knew they were coming.  When this life moment arrived, were you knocked off of your feet, questioning how to stand back up, or did you hold your ground, overcoming the obstacles and challenges that lie ahead?

In the past, have you been challenged with with adversity?  Are adverse conditions looming on your horizon?  Or, are you like most of us and have adversity you are dealing with today?  If you answered yes to these questions, then the follow up question is:

Do you want to create opportunities for yourself that you have yet to uncover?

If you’ve answered yes to this questions, then this is a place for you.

What You’ll Find Here

Through my articles, I have shared ideas with thousands of readers about understanding and implementing strategies to work through some of life’s most difficult situations.  The people who read my content have lost a jobs, struggle financially, and deal with addiction(s).  My readers suffer from emotional, mental and physical illnesses.  And some people, they just seem to be down on their luck.  However, there are methods for overcoming the mountain in front of you and getting to the other side.

In my writing share a mixture of practical insights, easy to implement strategies, and honest opinions that can help move you from where you stand today, to where you want to be tomorrow.  Additionally, I share real life examples of everyday people – JUST like you and me – that have defied all odds and have beaten or are beating adversity.

What’s Next?

If your life is about to change, is in the middle of changing, or has already changed, then I would suggest checking out a few of the articles I have written in the past.  Interested in learning how to manage complex change – start here.  Are you searching for work opportunities that align with your passion and purpose – check this out.  Would you like to be better than just ‘mediocre’ – you’ll love this one.  After you’ve done this and are ready for the next step, then I suggest subscribing to my weekly articles.  I promise I won’t clutter the inbox – one article, once a week.  It could be the catalyst that gets you moving forward to living life just how you imagined.

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